The eye. To see, to be seen. To be seen and to see.


In my childhood I had the fear of being seen or stared at by others.


Instead of covering my face with my hands I covered it with a camera. Then I’d escape from the sight where it was possible, under the bed, the editing room or with a mask.


Irrational fears made me a photographer and video editor. I sublimated the repressed fear of looking through photography.


I materialized with the camera the imaginary image I had of the other; fixing the appearance and identity of the other through the gaze, observing and criticizing myself.


I feel pleasure from looking.


Samuel is a Mexican photographer and award winner video editor, based in Mexico City and New York City.


He specializes in fine art and fashion photography.


Samuel ’s been editing video for 20 years. Has worked in TV, Documentary, Advertising and Tourism, making creative video editing decisions in the post-production of film making and video production.


Currently Samuel exhibits his photography at Oscar Roman’s Gallery, one of the top art galleries in Mexico City.


When he is not photographing he is in an immersive theatre play or in an art exhibition.